Power of a Power Property of Exponents
Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
Solving Equations with Radicals and Exponents
Quadratic Equations
Using Intercepts for Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations in Two
Multiplying Fractions
Solving Linear Equations Containing Fractions
Evaluating Polynomials
Multiplication Property of Square and Cube  Roots
Writing a Fraction in Simplest Form
Square Roots
The Pythagorean Theorem
Factoring The Difference of 2 Squares
Solving Polynomial Equations
Roots and Powers
Writing Linear Equations in Standard Form
Solving Nonlinear Equations by Substitution
Straight Lines
The Square of a Binomial
Solving Equations
Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions
Finding the Equation of an Inverse Function
Slope of a Line
Rules for Nonnegative Integral Exponents

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can we use solve for solving simultaneous non linear equations
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Great! I think that’s what I am looking for. Can you tell me where to get it?
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There you go https://easyalgebra.com/exponents.html.
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